Endeavor, Inc.
Contact Information and Corporate History.

Contact Information
Postal address P.O. Box 5677, Vail, CO 81658
Telephone: 970-306-7696


Endeavor, Inc. is a technology and management services company. Our technologies are "Best in Class". We produce next generation products that help end users implement professional management techniques. Our software products help companies improve their internal operations.

Endeavor Inc. was founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2001. Copedia was released in 2003. The Copedia content tools include forms, databases, spreadsheets, policies, procedures, links, and templates. The Copedia content can be be licensed stand alone, but many people use it with our Intranets because they provide for 24x7 online collaboration.
Our Intranets are services that provide state of the art software, webware, and collaboration tools for work, home, and remote locations. An intranet is a work space on the internet where you share information and work with other people you collaborate with. These web based sites allow users to share information like files, discussions, calendars, announcements, pictures, music, and documents with co-workers members in a secure environment quickly and easily from anywhere at anytime.

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