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Brain Trust University 444 Program Brain Trust University 444 Program

Best Value for Degree Seekers!

The BTU 444 Program is designed for up to full time employed students working on micro degrees. Students in the BTU 444 Program earn 1 Micro Degree every 3-4 months for 1 year. They graduate in 4 years with a 4 year degree and 4 years work experience. Requires annual enrollment.

Includes an Individual Membership to Brain Trust University and 3 Micro Degrees

Our Price: $100.00/12 month(s)

$100 Monthly for 12 Months
BTU Business Membership BTU Business Membership

Business Membership at BTU is ideal for businesses wanting to motivate and upskill their workforce by providing an inexpensive education benefit for their employees. Allows for easy collaboration within your group.

  • Easy access to world class resources
  • Great collaboration tool for teams or departments
  • Group collaboration by interest
  • Team members will naturally want to expand their knowledge base
  • Identify engaged employees with unknown talents
  • Easily identify uninterested employees
  • Work on professional development and track CEUs and KSAs
Business memberships belong to the business and do not follow the employee in the event of employee transition.

Visit the Brain Trust University website

Price per enrolled emp. annually: $120.00
BTU Individual Membership BTU Individual Membership

Best for serious long term learners

Individual Membership is designed for those learners looking for a personal, centralized, and life long education platform. Store your knowledge, skills and abilities in your personal and private education studio. Make them easily presentable to your employer (or next prospective employer/project/gig). Your education Studio at BTU makes it easy to communicate your competencies. Special includes are:

  • Personal Private Education Studio
  • Access to Education Coaches

Individual Memberships and private Studios stay with the individual regardless of employer.

You can learn more here

Our Price: $180.00
Brain Trust University Micro Degree Brain Trust University Micro Degree

Get a Micro Degree at Brain Trust University. Individual or Business Membership required.  Prerequisite - contact your campus coach first. Next, place your order for the assessment via this product and forward a copy of the invoice to your coach to begin the process.

Price per Assessment: $300.00
BTU Silver Transition Plan BTU Silver Transition Plan

Designed as a low-cost benefit for layoffs and furloughed employees
  • 1 year individual membership at Brain Trust University
  • 2 hours of dedicated career coaching/ resume review sessions

Learn about Brain Trust University

Contact us to help you choose the best plan for your needs

Our Price: $325.00
BTU Gold Transition Plan BTU Gold Transition Plan

Designed for middle management layoffs or furlough
  • 1 Year Individual Membership at Brain Trust University
  • 3 hours of career coaching / detailed resume support
  • 1 Micro Degree

Our Price: $750.00